Meet the Team

Founding Director
Principal Ecologist and Biomimic

Anuj is passionate about creating ecologically responsible and nature-inspired designs for the built environment that are good for people, biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Anuj is a National Geographic Explorer, a recipient of the Joan Mosenthal DeWind award for Lepidoptera (Butterfly) Conservation by Xerces Society, USA and the Cities of Love Environmental Sustainability Award, Singapore.  


As the first trained Biomimicry Professional in Southeast Asia, he also founded the Biomimicry Singapore Network which is part of Biomimicry Institute’s Global Networks. Anuj combines his deep ecological and biodiversity knowledge with biomimicry to create engaging designs and experiences in tropical ecosystems.


Dr. Anuj Jain 

celine biosea headshot.jpg
Design & Research Associate

Celine is a graduate of Architecture with a Masters in Integrated Sustainable Design from the National University of Singapore. As someone who holds the philosophy of Deep Ecology very firmly, she sees the need to assimilate the built environment with nature. She aspires to integrate ecological processes with building design in meaningful ways where architecture and nature can both benefit. As a passionate advocate for the environment, Celine has dedicated time over the course of 5 years to regional building projects that seek sustainable solutions in the face of inequality and climate change. She also has experience with ecological engineering in local coastal habitats with sea wall designs for coastal resilience and is experimenting with algae as a food source.

When not at her work desk, Celine can be found either trekking high up in the mountains or scuba-diving deep in the oceans, looking for inspiration.

Celine Tan

Design and Research Associate

Saloni is a BSc. graduate from the University of Melbourne, specializing in Zoology. She is passionate about biodiversity conservation and has experience in educating and involving the wider community in conservation efforts. She has rehabilitated orphaned and juvenile grey-headed flying foxes and monitored populations of the endangered Leadbeater’s Possum in the Central Highlands of Victoria using environmental DNA analyses.


She has a soft corner for the little things that run the world - invertebrates - and has studied the effects of light at night on riparian and grassland invertebrate assemblages. As a design & research associate, her interests lie in using ecological principles to integrate biodiversity into the urban fabric.

Saloni profile pic.jpg

Saloni Sawminathan

Ecological Design Consultants


Wei Kit Lee

Ecologist & Hydrologist

Wei Kit is an Ecologist with experience in applied environmental research and engineering studies, as well as consultancy projects in both coastal and terrestrial environments. His multi-disciplinary experience encompasses ecology, geomorphology, coastal processes, hydrology, and geohydrology. He has conducted flora and fauna survey, ecological monitoring, topographic and geophysical survey in natural and urban ecosystems and hydrological modeling. 

Wei Kit believes in the importance of cross-disciplinary and collaborative works in solving complex environmental problems. He enjoys being in the nature and the process of understanding how nature works. He is also active in local environmental volunteering during his free time.


Rick Chin Leong

Marine Ecologist

Rick is a marine ecologist with over 10 years of fieldwork experience. He has worked on mangrove species distributions across elevational gradients in Singapore and the impacts of sedimentation in Thailand, as well as on the impacts of algal growth and sedimentation on coral reefs in Singapore. In Australia, he has worked on the spatial configuration of marine habitats, specifically in remnant oyster reefs in New South Wales. Finally, in Europe, he worked on the spatial sedimentation effects in Dutch Eastern Scheldt oyster reefs.


Rick’s background in marine biology and global work experience makes him well suited to advise on the restoration and rehabilitation methods of degraded and/or urbanizing marine and coastal environments.


James Khoo

Filmmaker & Environmental Educator

James Khoo is an environmental educator and award – winning filmmaker. He is the managing director of Pangolin Films, a film company focused on content with a social conscience. He is a leading figure in video documentation of performing arts in Singapore and employs his documentation techniques in the recording of local insect biodiversity. His environmental work is focused soil-based agriculture and its interactions with insects and other arthropods. He works with farmers and like-minded educators to raise awareness and understanding of insects.

Biomimicry Design Consultants

Petra Gruber.jpeg

Dr. Petra Gruber

Biomimicry & Architectural Expert

Petra is an architect with a passion for biology and biomimetic design. She holds a PhD in "Biomimetics in Architecture" from the Vienna University of Technology in Austria and worked internationally on three continents in inter- and transdisciplinary design, research, and education, at the intersection of biology, architecture and art. Until recently, she was Associate Professor at the Biomimicry Research and Innovation Center at The University of Akron, US, and founded the Biodesign Lab. Her work has been published widely in books, journals, exhibitions, and documentary films.  She leads her own company transarch in Austria, carrying out research on biological structures for biomimetic innovation in architecture and the built environment.


Dr. Kuowei Chiu

Biomimicry & Architectual Expert

Dr. Kuowei Eleazar-Godfrey Chiu (aka KC) has been educated and worked at Taiwan, Singapore, Australia and the USA. He is a tenured assistant professor at the Tunghai University in Taiwan, specialises in natured-based  intelligibility, urban design and biomimicry. He holds inventive patents paper in Singapore Architecture and Civil Engineering Conference in May 2019. Dr. KC founded the Regenerative Earth and Anthropocene Design Lab (READ) and recently winning the Third Place of the Mars City Design 2020 in the category of 'Marschitecture'.


Nathan Hays

Biomimicry & Architectural Designer

Nathan is a designer and researcher based in the USA. He focuses on understanding and translating principles from the structures, relationships, and algorithms in living systems for applications in the built environment. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability, a Master of Scinece in Biomimicry, and a Master of Architecture from Arizona State University. 


Nathan is a member of Biomimicry Professionals and the founder of nuLUCA, a design firm that provides education and consulting to help others find regenerative design solutions. 

Madhvi Chulet.jpg

Madhvi Chulet

Architectural & Biomimicry Designer

Madhvi is a recent graduate with a Master's in Integrated Sustainable Design from the National University of Singapore and a background in Architecture. As a sustainable design professional, she looks for opportunities to implement nature-based solutions for the built environment. Apart from work, she loves traveling, hiking and scuba diving. 

Munshi Toh.jpg

Munshi Mukhtar Toh

Architectural & Biomimicry Designer

Munshi Toh is a B.A. Architecture graduate from the National University of Singapore and current M.ARCH student in the Singapore University of Technology and Design.

Jing Yi.png

Bu Jing Yi

Biomechanics Researcher

Jing Yi has an undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Arts, Natural Sciences, specialisation in Zoology. As a biomechanics researcher her experience is in evolution, animal behaviour, ecology, biomechanics, earth sciences, physics. She is interested in biomimicry because it involves the fusion of multiple disciplines and the application of physical principles that work in nature to improve human technology.

Collaborators and Advisors


Jamie Whitehouse

Urban Ecologist 

Jamie is an ecologist and practitioner of Biodiversity Sensitive Urban Design principles with experience in Singapore, Australia and further abroad. He is well versed in both terrestrial and aquatic ecology, with a passion for habitat rehabilitation and afforestation from a holistic ecology perspective.


Having worked on all sides of the playing field through his career (developer, designer and consultant) gives Jamie a deep understanding of balancing ecological and development objectives. He has a particular passion for wetland and stream restoration, re-establishment of wildlife in urban environments, and mapping local-scale habitat types and conditions.


Dr. Shailendra Mishra

Below-Ground Ecologist

Shailendra is a below-ground ecologist who brings a deep understanding of the key ecological processes in forest, agricultural and urban ecosystems and how such processes are linked to climate change. Since 2009, he has been using ecological frameworks to decipher the complexity of below-ground ecosystems by combining large high-throughput datasets using multivariate statistical methods. Overall, his findings can be adopted by several stakeholders to meet their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as to enhance their valuation by climate-related financial risk disclosures.

Carsten headshot.png

Carsten Hüttche

Wetland Ecologist

Carsten is the director and founder of Enviro Pro Green Innovations (S) Pte Ltd, with more than 25 years of professional experience in the area of sustainable water management and bio-engineering. He has worked in South-East Asia continuously since 1993 and is based in Singapore, where he founded Enviro Pro Green Innovations (S) Pte Ltd, a member of a regional group of companies under the Enviro Pro brand.


Carsten has worked closely with Singapore government agencies such as National Parks Board and Public Utilities Board, providing specialist design advice on applied bio-engineering solutions and sustainable drainage programs. His environmental management experience includes undertaking water quality assessments, contaminant source studies, biodiversity and land-use assessments, and environmental risk/impact assessments and pollution control studies.