Ecological Placemaking

Illustration commissioned by bioSEA

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bioSEA creates green and blue strategies that are context appropriate, ecologically functional, highly biodiverse and climate resilient. By placing emphasis on circularity of green and blue systems, we help to enhance the ecological and conservation value of a place whilst balancing human needs. We collaborate with landscape architects to deliver biodiversity matrices and recommend planting palettes that are fauna appropriate. We also design appropriate ecological infrastructure such as wildlife crossings and other flora and fauna enhancement structures.

ecological design approach

Our strength is that we take a landscape approach in creating a biodiversity strategy that is both ecologically functional and enhances the conservation value of the place.

This is achieved by gaining an in-depth understanding of the site, natural vegetation around it, carefully evaluating landscape-level corridors that link vital green patches, and by engaging with the local conservation community of their knowledge of native species.