Biomimicry in Architecture

Illustration 01.JPG

Illustration commissioned by bioSEA

1 = mimicking termite mounds for efficient cooling;

2 = mimicking chameleon’s skin for an interactive façade;

3 = mimicking UV patterns similar to a spider web on glass facades to prevent bird collisions;

4 = mimicking the structures on a lotus leaf to create self-cleaning facades.  

bioSEA consults architects and urban planners on the most relevant natural design strategies. We believe that buildings of today can be more sustainable with the help of biomimicry (design inspired by nature). 

Our team is trained in mimicking nature's time-tested strategies to solve your most vexing built design problems. This happens best when engaged  in the project's design phase, to develop innovative building forms and patterns.


Because there is no framework for this kind of thinking in South East Asia, we are developing a toolkit to bring tropical rainforest strategies in architecture for more efficient and sustainable tropical living.