Rooted in South East Asia (SEA), at BioSEA, we strongly believe that urban development can be smart and sustainable only when it uses nature as a benchmark to do good for the environment and for people.

Shaping built environments to function like rainforests



Biomimicry in Architecture 

We mimic nature's strategies in the design of the built environment. 

Ecological and Conservation Planning


We take a landscape approach in creating a green strategy that is both ecologically functional and enhances the conservation value of the place. 


Biodiversity Surveys


We conduct detailed assessments of the numbers and types of species found at a site based on rigorous scientific surveys of key biodiversity groups such as mammals, birds, butterflies, plants and through robust analysis. 

Ecosystem Services

Greenery can provide important ecosystem services such as air temperature regulation, transpiration, erosion control, carbon uptake as well as mental well-being. Learn how we assess these services for the built environment and benchmark them.  

Social impact of Greenery

Greenery is good for wildlife but does it also matter to people and how? We answer this question by engaging a range of stakeholders to understand their perceptions and motivations about the greenery of a place.

Education & Experiences

At B i o S E A, we believe that education is the passport to the future. We teach workshops and courses on the ecology and biomimicry for architects and designers as well as create physical learning spaces called ecology and biomimicry corners



As consultants of ecological and biomimicry design, we collaborate with renowned architects, educational institutions, government agencies and other established organizations who share our values. Visit our  PROJECT Blog to learn more about the work we do.  


Impact around the Globe​

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